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Adding real value to society with extraordinary technical knowledge
Innovation Sustainability

Working together with clients towards a circular economy

What will the world look like in 100 years? The technical solutions and innovations that we come up with today have a great influence on this. As an engineering company, Iv develops smart technical solutions for social issues. We are often positioned at the foundation of large projects, which means that we can play a significant role when it comes to sustainability. We strive to add real value to society. Iv, together with its clients, wishes to play an important role in the transition towards a circular economy, a society where we may all benefit from pleasant and healthy living and working environments.

Certified for Step 5 of the CO2 Performance Ladder

The CO2 Performance Ladder is helping Iv shape its ambition to reduce energy consumption and CO2 not only in our own organisation but also in our projects. Within both our own business operations and projects, we critically analyse where we can really make a sustainable achievement. We formulate stringent energy and CO2 reduction targets and measures and we are continuously searching for solutions and innovations with the greatest possible impact. But, we can achieve more together than alone. Iv has, therefore, also joined various chain initiatives within sectors in which we operate.
Here you can find all documents related to the CO2 performance ladder. You can also find these documents on the SKAO website.


Milestone in Sustainability: ISO 14001

With ISO 14001 certification, Iv demonstrates its commitment to protecting the environment and sustainability. In a world that is increasingly focused on sustainability, Iv distinguishes itself by operating in a responsible and environmentally conscious manner. We focus on identifying the environmental impacts of our activities, products and services, setting environmental targets, implementing appropriate action plans and regularly evaluating and improving performance.

Download the ISO 14001 Certificate here

Focused and critical innovation

In a world that is constantly changing and where technologies succeed one another at a tremendous rate, it’s necessary to keep innovating. For each project, we at Iv, critically consider the underlying goal and which technical solution will be the best option for us to realise the project. We innovate not just to innovate, but because we really want to contribute to the world of tomorrow and our customers. We are continually searching for the optimal balance between effectiveness, sustainability and costs.
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